At LTN, we are committed to your success. We offer transparent, simple pricing. We know that you’ll be most successful as you streamline your operations. We don’t charge if we aren’t keeping you moving.

  • Site registration is free

  • Posting a load is free

  • Bidding is free

We help you do that by managing all your workload in a single place at aggressive prices, not available anywhere else. The customer pays freight, just like you’re used to.


Your Own Load

For loads you find and haul yourself, keep track of them right next to all the others. Booking your own load is a flat $3 each.

Win A Bid

Bidding on loads is free, and when your bid is selected, we charge a flat 5% of freight: minimum of $20 and not more than $50, regardless what the load pays!


TRUSTED Carrier DIspatch Network

Your customers are very important to your success. When you can’t cover their loads, you must be selective about who does. Dispatch the load to members in your network of Trusted Carriers. To manage these loads, we charge a flat 5% of freight, split between the dispatcher and the hauler, no less than $10 each but never more than $25 each - regardless what the load pays!